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Summer Camp


Summer Camp at Camp Lutherhoma provides opportunities for campers (ages 7-18) to be immersed in a supportive Christian community.  Our caring counselors and staff invest in each camper to ensure they are loved and cared for as they explore God’s Word and God’s creation.  The camp facilities and activities provide opportunities for new challenges, adventure, and creativity.  Daily devotions, Bible studies, and songs communicate our summer Bible theme and enrich the faith lives of all who attend.

Adventure Options

Hot = Requires many hours in the heat of the day, physical activities

Youth campers who attend Force (ages 9-12), Energy (ages 13-15), and Dynamic (ages 14-18) get to select 2 Adventure Options to enjoy during their week of camp.  You will sign up for your Adventure Options when you register for camp.  Please discuss these options with your camper and let them choose activities that sound like fun to them.

Medium = More time in shade, less physical activity

Mild = Lower energy activities with plenty of shade and rest

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Campers will float down the Illinois River with friends and camp staff members. This 6-mile Raft trip is a favorite of many campers. There’s just something magical about a day surrounded by God’s creation along the Illinois River. Campers and staff will wear secure water shoes, t-shirts, sunscreen (reapplied regularly), and life jackets all day. At least one camp staff member will be in each raft with 4-5 campers. The rafting group will have plenty of water and food to keep them going through the day. Our camp staff and lifeguards are trained to care for the campers as they float the river. Rafting days can be hot, tiring, and fun!

Mountain Biking

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Enjoy a day on a mountain bike! Campers should be proficient bike riders before signing up for this activity. Camp provides all the mountain biking gear, which is of high quality and well maintained. The camp staff will teach campers basic mountain bike safety and skills before they ride the trails. Force campers will ride mountain biking trails at camp and at the Tahlequah Trails (10-minute drive from camp). Energy and Dynamic campers will travel to NW Arkansas to enjoy well maintained trails near Fayetteville. Our camp staff will lead the day with a focus on safety. This adventure option does require physical exertion, and is recommended for campers with above average physical fitness. A day of mountain biking can be tiring and so much fun. Some of the trails are 6-8 miles up and down mountain trails, and campers will experience fatigue. Helmets will be worn at all times. Good shoes are also required.




Explore the woods, hike all the trails, and build a campfire! Enjoy the river along camp's banks. Campers will learn about God's creation, build shelters, and let their creativity guide their adventures! Wilderness campers always come back from their day dirty, sweaty, wet, muddy and with big smiles. The imaginations and creativity of the campers and the counselors are unlimited during this fun day. Campers should bring well-fitting water shoes for time in the river. Life jackets will be worn when in the river. Campers will have access to water throughout the day. The wilderness group may eat lunch in the Dining Hall or might eat lunch in the forest by the campfire!

In Camp

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The In Camp adventure option allows your camper to experience a day full of fun camp activities like crafts, baking, hiking, swimming, and games! There’s never enough time to enjoy all these classic camp activities. Campers will experience a slower paced day of camp activities with friends. This option is for those who just want to relax while having fun with their friends.




GIC stands for Group Initiative Course, which is otherwise known as challenge course programming. Campers will be led by and kept safe by highly trained challenge course staff. Those who participate in GIC will spend the day with their small group moving through a sequence of challenging activities using physical, social and spiritual gifts of the group members. Campers may also experience the high ropes activities for a challenging end to the day! All the GIC activities are based on challenge by choice, meaning no one is ever pressured to do anything at any time.




The Illinois River provides a great fishing experience for campers and staff. Spend the day fishing with your camp friends and counselors. Campers will learn how to properly take care of fishing gear, practice casting, and then try their hand at hooking as many fish as they can. Each day many fish are caught, and returned, to the delight of all the campers. Campers will be supervised all day, especially as they fish along the river bed. Life jackets will be worn when necessary.




Spend the day Kayaking 12 miles on the Illinois River! Kayaking moves faster than rafting. Campers will enjoy a day paddling down the river in two-person kayaks. Campers and staff will wear T-shirts, sunscreen (regularly reapplied) and life jackets all day for safety. The Kayak group will have plenty of water and food to keep them going through the day. Our camp staff and lifeguards are trained to care for the campers throughout the day. A day kayaking the river is hot, tiring, and so much fun!

Rock Climbing

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Travel to Arkansas to test your climbing skills! Climbs range from beginner to advanced. Rock climbing requires a high level of physical fitness to climb the difficult routes, and beginner routes require moderate physical fitness. Camp staff will teach basic climbing techniques and will facilitate all climbs to keep them safe. The campers will always be on belay with one of our highly trained staff members when climbing. In the course of one day it is not uncommon for someone who has never climbed before to find a love for the sport, and accomplish much more than they ever thought possible. The rock climbing group will have plenty of water and food at their climbing site.




Play your favorite sports and games, learn a new skill, or make up your own sport! A day of sports may include: basketball, rumble ball, volleyball, soccer, swimming, and more. The counselors will plan the day around the camper's interests. The afternoon will definitely be filled with sports involving the swimming pool! You also might get to play some games you have never tried before! Campers will need good athletic shoes. Plenty of water and sunscreen will go with them at all times.

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