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Youth and Teens


Kinetic - Ages 7-9

Tier A=$600, Tier B=$475, Tier C=$380

Kinetic is for our youngest and most energetic campers. Each camper will be with their counselor 24 hours a day, plus another staff member will be living with them in their cabin. The groups are usually smaller to allow for quality time with their counselors. The campers will experience tons of activities, including swimming, hiking, crafts, games, more swimming, campfires, singing, skits, and much more. Both Kinetic 1 and Kinetic 2 end on Friday this year!


Force - Ages 9-12

Tier A=$600, Tier B=$475, Tier C=$380

Force is a great place to send your camper and is one of the first weeks to become full. Campers who come to the Force week will be able to do a variety of activities that introduce them to camp life. They will have Bible Studies once a day and enjoy time with their counselors and other campers daily. This is the first session that allows Adventure Options which make for great times and memories for the campers.


Energy - Ages 13-15

Tier A=$600, Tier B=$475, Tier C=$380

Energy camps are for campers in jr high. The activities and Bible studies get geared up for the more mature campers. Additional adventure options are available for Energy campers.Other adventure options for Energy include challenge course, off site trips to Arkansas for a day of rock climbing on real rocks, or mountain biking on world class trails, and kayaking.


Dynamic - Ages 14-18

Tier A=$600, Tier B=$475, Tier C=$380

Dynamic camp is for our oldest campers - a special week with different programming and options. The staff plans unique activities for the campers. The Bible studies are geared for this age group to dig deep into Scripture and discuss their faith on a more mature level. The adventure options are the same as Energy, but all with your high school friends!

Rock & Ride

Rock & Ride - Ages 14-18

Tier A=$600, Tier B=$475, Tier C=$380

Get your adventure on! Two days of rock climbing and two days of mountain biking in Arkansas! The campers will be led by our most experienced adventure counselors who will take them to the rock and ride sites, living in tents, cooking over fires, and living outdoors all week long. This is a favorite trip for campers who want to experience a different week than the typical summer week at Camp Lutherhoma. All equipment will be provided by camp. This will require moderate physical fitness, so start getting ready NOW!

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