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Why work at camp this summer?

You'll gain a new family. 

You'll make a difference in the world.

You'll change your life for the better.

You'll have ridiculous amounts of fun.


Summer Staff


Application Process

     Camp Lutherhoma is a partner camp of the National Lutheran Outdoors Ministry Association. We, along with 20+ other partner camps, share a common summer staff application. This means when you apply to Camp Lutherhoma, your application can also be seen by other NLOMA partner camps.  If we are unable to offer you a position at Camp Lutherhoma, you have a chance to work at another of the NLOMA partner camps. We strongly encourage you to consider this opportunity to serve Jesus at a camp. 

  Summer staff applications are available from October through April, but applying before February 1st will give you the best chance of being considered by Lutherhoma before initial hiring decisions are made.


Application Process

1. Fill out your Summer Service Profile by February 1st

2. You will be contacted by someone from Camp Lutherhoma or your First Choice Camp to set up an interview.

3. Interview- a 45 minute conversation with one of the Lutherhoma full time staff members.  Interviews may be in person or on a video chat.

4. Find out by March 1st whether Camp Lutherhoma or another camp offers you a position.


You CAN apply after February 1st if positions are still available.

Positions still available:

2 Male Counselors

1 Lifeguard (male or female)

1 Program Assistant (male or female)

Updated: 3/19/2024



Summer Staff Requirements

All staff should be 18 or older.

Cabin counselors need to be one year out of high school.   

We are seeking to hire young adults who love Jesus and are ready to serve Him. Our staff understand Lutheran Theology, and have shown strong Christian character.

Summer Staff Positions

We hire 20-25 summer staff for a variety of positions. We may ask you about serving in a position other than your first choice, depending on available spots.

We hope to hire:

  • 12 Cabin Counselors

  • 2 Program Assistants

  • 2-3 Lifeguards

  • 1 Crafts Director

  • 1 Adventure Specialist

  • 1 Program Coordinator

  • 2 Media Specialists

Start and End Dates
Report to camp: May 27, 2024
Depart from camp: August 4, 2024
*Some positions will require an earlier start date.

    You will work very hard if selected to be a part of the Camp Lutherhoma staff team. Staff work from early in the morning to late in the evening, with little personal time. Counselors spend nearly every hour of the day with their campers, while Support Staff have grueling and unglamorous duties to fulfill each day. 

    All that being said, this is the hardest job you’ll ever love. You’ll get paid to do things like swim, mountain bike, dance around the campfire, roast s’mores, and talk to kids about Jesus. You’ll wake up every morning knowing you get a chance to make a difference and experience the rhythms of a life centered around faith and fun. You’ll become a part of the rich and deep legacy at Camp Lutherhoma and gain a camp family that will last for the rest of your life. A summer at camp can change your life in a way that not many jobs can. 

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