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Monthly Development Club


The Facts:


We have been blessed by God in so many ways.  But the reality is that the cost of running camp increases each year.  The costs of facility maintenance, food service, utilities, insurance, staff and so much of our ministry increase each year.


In order to keep up, fees for programs and rentals need to increase.  If we can increase our annual donations from 26% to 40% we will not need to increase those fees as much, which will allow more campers and retreat guests to come and hear the Gospel message at Camp Lutherhoma.

Why Monthly Donors?


When you set up a recurring monthly donation to Camp Lutherhoma, not only is it easy, you will be making a huge difference.  The amount you give each month is up to you and how much you can budget each month.  We recommend $50 per month, but any amount is a blessing from you. Our goal is to have 200 monthly donors by the end of this year.

How Do I Sign Up?


Join the Camp Lutherhoma Monthly Development Club by setting up your Recurring Monthly Donation online.

  1. Click the button above, then choose "Recurring Donation"

  2. Choose $50 (or your desired amount) under "Monthly Development Club"

  3. Select the options in the Recurring Donations section below.

  4. At the bottom of the page click "Next"

  5. If you already have a Camp Lutherhoma account, sign in.  If you have been a donor before you have an account.  Or create an account.

  6. Choose "Proceed to Payment" and enter your credit card information if it is not already in your account.

If you have any questions or need help setting up your account, please call us at (918) 458-0704.

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