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Hot=Requires many hours in the heat of the day, physical activites.

Medium=More time in shade, less physical activity

Mild=Low energy activiites with plenty of shade and rest



Force, Energy, Dynamic

This is probably our most popular adventure option at Camp Lutherhoma. Being that camp is right along the Illinois River, rafting is our most natural adventure option. Campers and staff travel in buses up to Thunderbird Resort where they receive their equipment and get ready for a full day on the river. They will go on a 6 mile raft trip.  They must have water shoes. No Crocs or Sandals.  They will have water bottles in each raft, and coolers to fill their water bottles with.  Sunscreen will be applied at least once every hour and after they go swimming.  All will wear tshirts.  Hats are recommeded.  They will always have their lifejackets on. Each raft will have a staff member and about 4-5 campers, all working together to get down the river and have tons of fun along the way.


Mountain Biking


Force, Energy, Dynamic

Camp provides all the bikes, which are of high quality and well maintained. The campers are taught basic mountain bike safety and skills before they launch onto trails either at Camp Lutherhoma for FORCE campers, or at a mountain biking park about one hour drive into Arkansas for ENERGY and DYNAMIC campers. This adventure option does require physical expertion, and is recommended for campers with above average physical fitness.  This is a very tiring and hard adventure option.  Be sure you and your camper know what they are going to be doing.  Some of the trails are 6-8 miles up and down mountain trails, and campers will experience fatigue.  Helmets will be worn at all times. Good shoes are also required.


In Camp


Force, Energy, Dynamic

Your time at Camp Lutherhoma will seem to go by so quickly. You will wish you had time to do so much more. Well, In Camp Adventure Option allows for you to do more. The In Camp campers and staff members get creative with their day. Most everything is of a more relaxed nature, such as crafts, baking, playing games, making sand castles, and tons more. This option is for those who just want to calm down while having fun with their friends.




Energy, Dynamic

Those that want a bit more of a river experience can choose the Kayaking adventure option. These kayakers will be taken even further up the Illinois River than the rafters, will move faster, and will probably catch up to the rafters before the end of the day. The trip is a 12 mile river run.  They will have water bottles with them at all times.  They will wear lifejackets at all times.  All must wear tshirts and hats are recommended.  Sunscreen will be applied at least every hour and after swimming.  The two person kayaks are designed for calm river trips. Counselors go along either in one of the kayaks or in a canoe filled with gear, water and food.


Rock Climbing


Energy, Dynamic

Campers and staff will travel 45 minutes away to Lincoln AR for real rock climbing on walls for both beginners and advanced climbers. The staff will train the campers on equipment, technique and safety. The campers will always be on belay with one of our highly trained staff members when climbing. In the course of one day it is not uncommon for someone who has never climbed before to find a love for the sport, and accomplish much more than they ever thought possible. Overcoming our fears, while being perfectly safe, gives us courage to overcome whatever life might bring. This program is a great sport, and it is a great faith builder.  This will require a high level of physical fitness to climb the difficult routes, but beginner routes require moderate physical fitness.  Water and food will be with them at all times.




Energy, Dynamic

A tradition at Camp Lutherhoma has been the morning skits put on by the summer staff to introduce the theme for the day. Campers also love to act and dress up in skit costumes, and so we now offer a Drama Option. Campers will learn improv techniques, staging and writing, and will produce their own skit for the whole camp to enjoy. So, If rafting, kayaking, rock climbing, mountain biking, or challenge course are not your thing, you should sign up for Drama. Who knows, you might someday become famous, and you got your start at Camp Lutherhoma!


Challenge Course (Group Initiative Course)


Energy, Dynamic

GIC stands for Group Initiative Course, which is otherwise known as challenge course programming. Camp Lutherhoma has one of the best and biggest challenge courses in Oklahoma, with many elements unique to our course.  The campers will be led by and kept safe by the highly trained challenge course staff.  Those that participate in GIC will spend the day with their small group moving through a sequence of challenging activities using physical, social and Spiritual gifts of the group members.As the day moves on each group might get to participate in the High Ropes activities, where you put on a harness, get connected to a rope, and climb various trees and poles to experience new challenges. All the GIC activities are based on challenge by choice, meaning no one is ever pressured to do anything at any time. Our staff who are trained as facilitators are always leading the campers on GIC. You will not regret signing up for GIC this summer!


WIlderness MEDIUM



Wilderness campers always come back from their day in the wild dirty, sweaty, wet, muddy and with big smiles. The imaginations and creativity of the campers and the counselors are unlimited during this fun day. They learn outdoor skills, nature study, and challenging activities. Wilderness is a great way to cut loose and enjoy being young and outdoors during the summer.







The Illinois River is the premiere recreation river in Oklahoma, and Camp Lutherhoma is right on its shores. Who would not love to go fishing, especially with your camp friends and counselors? Campers will learn how to properly take care of fishing gear, practice casting, and then try their hand at hooking as many fish as they can. Each day many fish are caught, and returned, to the delight of all the campers.





The Sports Adventure Option will be a day filled with playing your favorite sports, such as basketball, soccer, volleyball, softball and many more. The counselors will plan the day around the camper's desired sports. The afternoon will definitely be filled with sports involving the swimming pool! You also might get to play some games you have never tried before, like lacrosse, bochi ball, and much more.  Th campers will need good athletic shoes.  Plenty of water and sunscreen will go with them at all times.  They will take shade breaks every 20 minutes.


Contact Information:

Phone Number: 918-458-0704

PO Box 1672

Tahlequah, OK 74465

Physical Address:

23197 E 742 Rd

Tahlequah, OK 74464


John Busch, Director

Erin Busch, Program Director

Mission Statement

Camp Lutherhoma is owned and operated by the Oklahoma District of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod. Our mission is to nurture discipleship in Jesus Christ, in outdoor settings, which excites believers to share the love of Christ to the world.

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