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What is the Challenge Course Program

One of our most POPULAR programs that we offer our guests is our Challenge Course, or GIC program. GIC stands for Group Initiative Course, and is a program that is designed to promote team building, group productivity, and individual growth. It is a great program for any group and our staff will tailor your GIC experience around the needs of your group. Our GIC program also supports a full high ropes program as part of the experience. During the program we try to have the correct balance of fun, challenges, and experiential learning to help the growing process of each group.


What Types of Groups Participate in the Challenge Course Program at Camp Lutherhoma?


We have worked with hundreds of groups and many different types of groups. We enjoy partnering with church youth groups, church men's and women's groups, married couple groups, school groups and sports teams, corporate groups, and much more. We are open to working with you to help you use this valuable tool to help you reach your goals. We do ask each participant to fill out a health and release form before they start. The Camp Lutherhoma staff will discuss each activity before it begins, and everyone always has a choice as to how they want to participate.


What Can You Expect From a Day?


We usually plan on spending about 7-8 hours on a single day experience. You will always be guided and led by the Camp Lutherhoma trained challenge course facilitators, who will tailor make the activities to your group, your goals, and your needs. Typically, the day includes get-to-know each other games, stretches, safety awareness, trust activities, low challenge initiatives (unique problem solving activities for your group), and might include the high ropes course activities. Each activity is followed with a discussion time to process what the group might learn from it, and how they might apply it to their lives, their faith, their group, or their families. What each person takes from the day depends on how their experience impacts them.


Contact Information:

Phone Number: 918-458-0704

PO Box 1672

Tahlequah, OK 74465

Physical Address:

23197 E 742 Rd

Tahlequah, OK 74464

Email: lutherhoma@lutherhoma.com

John Busch, Director


Erin Busch, Program Director


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Mission Statement

Camp Lutherhoma is owned and operated by the Oklahoma District of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod. Our mission is to nurture discipleship in Jesus Christ, in outdoor settings, which excites believers to share the love of Christ to the world.